About us

Hunting-VIP is a brand that strives to give you the best Hunting experience in Croatia. We offer exclusive hunting experience on a wide variety of wild birds and wild animals such as brown bear, red deer, wild boar, roe buck, snipe, wild duck, wild goose etc. We also offer accommodation for our hunters and their families. Our VIP Longue holiday house is in the pure nature. For more information feel free to look at our website or contact us. Happy hunting!

Velika Kapela IV/11

The hunting ground is mainly the hilly type, mostly cowered in wood, its made up of an open and closed part. Rich with wild boar, bear and red deer.

Restaurant Sabljaci

See you soon in yours and ours RESTAURANT SABLJACI !!!


The hunting grounds are by the lake itself. Excelent for bird hunting and fishing.

Trophy Hunting

Hunting for only the best game at our hunting grounds.


Fishing on sweetwater fish. Price and Accommodation negotionable.