Group bird hunt in Croatia


We offer group duck and coot hunt in Croatia. Our hunting area is located in central Croatia, on Lake Sabljaci which is rich with coot, wild duck and wild goose! The location where the hunt is organized will inspire you!

Hunting is organized mainly in the morning because then is the best time to hunt.
Hunting package refers to a group of 10 hunters to hunt black coots and wild ducks in Croatia on Lake Sabljaci, a hunt in the duration of 3-4 hours, by arrangement!

The hunting season on coot lasts from: October to end of January
wild duck lasts from: October to end of January

Hunting package price for flaterate hunt on coots and wild ducks in Croatia is 1,890.00 € and per hunter is 189.00 €.

The package price includes:
  • The organization of hunting
  • The organizer of hunting and two hunting guides
  • Unlimited number of coots during hunting
  • Unlimited number of wild ducks during hunting
  • Rental and fuel for two boats that force birds
  • Member of HUNTING-VIP team is at your service all day for the duration of the arrangement
The package does not include:
  • The price of wild goose (charged per price list)
  • Hunting license for Croatia