Hunters and nature


Flora and fauna are limited, we can not draw them infinite and give nothing in return!
We as hunters must respect nature and the benefits that we gain from it, in the countryside and in the hunting area you will feel the meaning of the nature for the human. Through history, man has always been a hunter and he searched food in nature, but with time he learned to take care of nature, because only mutual relations can create a circuit that does not damage neither man or nature!
Traditions that in the past hunter respected commemorating animal are still an important part of hunting tradition, because hunting is not only an act of hunting, but also everything before the hunt and what follows after the hunt, tributes to the animal.

In the past, many sociologists said that the man is naturally aggressive and that he trough hunting exhibits primitivism and aggression, and that hinders human progress, but we definitely agree with the statement of the German sociologist Erich Fromm: “Progress could happen if the assertion of innate human aggression was the right one. The human community could not be developed, but due to the inherent instinct of killing and cruelty remained at the same level or even stagnated.”
The man-hunter has always used natural gifts and was the first to care about nature and without a that way of life and thinking it would not be either overall progress.
Today’s way of life provides to us hunters a chance to get back to nature and to the hunting where we can enjoy our hunting skills and wits with the game. Throughout history hunters showed a high respect to an animal and therefore as the teeth of wild animals “guarded” hunters from various danger.

The man has very early started to take care about the animals through the appearance of the first soloist and hunting seasons which man adheres to this day, in order to preserve fond of animals. Hunters tradition upon the completion of the hunt shows respect from the man to the game:

  • a sign of respect is that hunter will never exceed the game
  • the hunter puts in games mouth a twig with leaves that is symbolizing the last bite
  • green twigs are placed at the entrance wound and later are given to the hunter who shot the game
  • respect is given near the blazing fire with all the hunters who attended the hunt, and the sounds of horns

All hunters point out that hanging out after hunting with hunting specialties is most beautiful experience where everyone is talking about their hunting experiences and where they form an unbreakable friendship.

Our conclusion and experience that hunters live with nature and respect the nature, and from it we take the fruits that it provides to us and we respect all animal species and preserve their habitats!

HUNTING-VIP wishes you DOBRU KOB!!!!