Wild boar – Croatia

DRIVEN WILD BOAR HUNTING TRIP IN CROATIA – in “Velika Kapela 11/IV” hunting area

Hunt is organized in two hunting days with 2-3 drives per day with organization of accommodation, food and with good atmosphere ant the end of the day.

Price of the driven hunt is based on 10-12 hunters and it is bellow in the table. If you want to come with smaller or larger group please contact us for your offer on info@hunting-vip.eu.

Number of wild boarsNumber of hunters (10-12)
1-3110 €/per hunter
4-6160 €/per hunter
7-10225 €/per hunter
11-15320 €/per hunter
16-20440 €/per hunter
21-25665 €/per hunter
26-30865 €/per hunter
31-351.065 €/per hunter
36-401.335 €/per hunter
41-451.600 €/per hunter
46-501.935 €/per hunter
51-652.400 €/per hunter

Hunting package includes:
1. Organization of 2 days of driven hunt on wild boars (2-3 drives per day)
2. Trophy wild boars
3. Transportation in hunting area and from accommodation to the hunting area

Hunting package does not include:
1. Accommodation in VIP-Lounge house
2. Preparing of food
3. Transportation to the hunting area
4. Hunting licence for Croatia – 55 EUR/calendar year