Preporuke lovaca

Family holiday combined with roebuck hunting.

During planning of the family holiday in Croatia, I got the idea of combining it with a hunting trip in the wild and beautiful mountains of Croatia. Furthermore, my oldest son had turned fifteen, so it was a good opportunity to introduce him to the world of hunting. However idea is one thing concrete plans another, but after a lot of surfing on the internet I got in contact with Mr. Grgurić’ from Hunting VIP – Croatia. It soon became clear to me that Hunting VIP was both professional and flexible so together we made a very good plan.

Arriving at the hunting lounge up in the mountings of Velika Kapela, my son and I was welcomed by Mr. Grgurić’ and the staff. After an early dinner, it was final time for the actual hunting. The main goal of this hunt was a nice roebuck, so we placed us self in a high seat with a good overview of an open grass field. Sitting in the high seat looking at the woods and the surrounding mountains ones imagination soon took over. What kind of wild game could emerge on the grass field?

Sitting in the high seat, we observed several female roe dear and after an hour or so, a nice roebuck appeared on the grass field app. 200 meters from the high seat. It is hard to say who was most existed, my son or I. My son wanted me to shoot right away, but I could see that the roebuck was heading towards the females close to where we were, so I waited for him to get closer. When the roebuck was within 70 meters or so, my son was so existed that the females in front of the high seat started to get alert. I was worried that the roebuck would know that something was not right, so I tog the shout and we got the nice 6-pointer at the picture.

All in all my son and I had a very nice time together and we experienced a good hunting organization and some fantastic hunting area at Hunting VIP and we both hope to return next year.

Kind regards and thank you very much.

Mads and Martin