About Sabljaci

We are offering to you a hunt on wild birds on the Sabljaci lake that is a part of hunting area „Veljun IV/134″. Sabljaci lake is situated 5 minutes by car from town Ogulin and a 45 minutes from the capital Zagreb.

We can arrange you hunt on:
Wild goose

You can choose from hunt on several birds or you can make a redemption for the total annual amount on mallard, wild goose or coot.
For the pleasant stay you can stay at the our house on the lake Sabljaci.

Sabljaci Lake is an artificial lake located about 3 km from Ogulin.

The lake was created for the purpose of accumulating water river of Zagorska Mrežnica for purposes of electricity production hydroelectric Gojak. This lake is with a tunnel connected to the lake Bukovnik which is about a kilometer from reservoirs on the Dobra river, from here, the tunnel goes to the hydroelectric power plant Gojak, located about ten kilometers from Ogulin.

Surface of Sabljaci lake is about 170 hectares, and is the eleventh-largest in Croatia. That is why many people call it “Ogulin sea.” Over the summer on the lake there are “Lake Games”- water sports such as rowing, sailing, swimming, fishing. The lake is by the composition rich with local trout, grass carp, chub, tench capital. The real mecca for fishermen, but also provides opportunities for swimmers, rowers, windsurfing, rowing regattas and pleasant walks and bike rides in the vicinity.

Fishing is permitted all year round, and can be fished in addition to brown and rainbow trout, grayling, carp, carp, perch, chub, tench, rudd and roach. Every winter on the lake there are beautiful white swans, and parts of the lake sometimes darken by large flocks of coots.