About Velika kapela

Our hunting ground „Velika Kapela 11/IV” is about 5398 ha. The hunting ground is mainly hilly type and it is situated in the „heart” of Croatia. Type of the hunting ground is opened. „Velika Kapela 11/IV” is 60 minutes from the capital Zagreb and 60 minutes from Adriatic coast. We are offering hunt on the brown beers, wild boars, red deer, roe deer, snipe.

In our hunting ground we have feeding places for big and small venison. From hunt-tehnical facilities we have high open and closed hunting stands and low stands.
We intend for natural breeding and healthy venison, we atend that venison achieves medium to high value. Velika Kapela is a mountain range in Croatia, located in the east of Gorski Kotar. Stretches from Gorski Kotar in the west to the Mala Kapela and Lika in the east, from Ogulin valley in the north to the Vinodol coast in the south, there is the narrowest mountain threshold between continental Pannonia and the Mediterranean.
Velika Kapela is separated with the pass Vratnik in the south by the Velebit and in the southeast with Mala Kapela.

VClimate types are changing from the Ogulin valley in the north (continental climate) over the central mountain Bjelolasica (mountain climate), to the Vinodol coast in the south (Mediterranean climate).
Rainfall is abundant all year round. The highest peak of mountain it is located on the mountain Bjelolasica – Kula 1534 meters.
On the Velika Kapela there are a well-known protected parks and landscapes, known as the White and Samarske cliffs and Klek above Ogulin Frankopan city.

The diversity of plant life can be seen from the coastal vegetation in the South, or over the Alpine high mountain vegetation in the central part (Bjelolasica) to continental vegetation in the northern part (Ogulin Valley).
In the hunting area Velika Kapela fauna is diverse, from predators inhabited by bears, lynx and eagles. Among other animals in the hunting area are deer, roe deer, wild boar, grouse and various other animals.

Wild boar in our hunting area is genetically “pure” and because of this it has a long tusks. In our hunting ground, life with predators such as lynx and bear makes them stronger.

Hunting area Velika Kapela is very suitable for brown bear life, because of the land configuration and climate (the best feeling brown bear has in the higher, mountainous areas, he inhabite mountain forests and glades, and he prefers cold climate).